Ad blocking is a technology that blocks online advertisements.

Ad blocking has gone mainstream

Ad blockers are used by up to 15% of US consumers, 20% in Europe. They are educated, mostly Millennials, higher earners with significant buying power.

From our cohort study of over 10,000 ad-blocker users, many are willing to receive less intrusive ad formats and want to support content providers.

Using AdSorcery technology, you can monetize ad-blocker users by providing them with different choices to support the content they love.

The rise of ad-blocking could herald the end of the free internet

Ad blocking hurts publishers’ revenue

Advertising revenue provides for what quality media outlets strongly need: journalists, reporters and well-funded research. This business model is under attack by ad blocking.

Ad blockers do not distinguish intrusive advertisements from good-quality ones that respect users’ privacy and navigation. By blocking all ads, they do not provide an alternative solution to finance web content.

Our platform provides both publishers and their audiences a wide range of options, so they can support each other.

Advertising has worked very well for the InternetMarissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO