“Tests have shown publishers can recover almost 30% of lost ad revenue using AdSorcery. MediaPost Communications

AdSorcery Monetizing Strategy

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  • Stop Losing Money to Ad Blockers

    • Increase revenue at least 30%
    • Optimized for mobile devices
    • Getting started take less than 15 minutes


    Compatible with the IAB ’s DEAL framework

Giving Your Ad-blocker Audience Options

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    Turning Off Ad blockers

    Detect ad blocking, and encourage users to turn off their ad blockers.

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    1-Click Micro Payments

    Let users pay to get the content ad-free through our frictionless payment system.

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    Alternative Advertisements

    Users agree to view high-quality alternative ads while enjoying the content.

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    Bypassing Ad blockers

    Mitigate ad blocking with AdSorcery’s Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

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Flexible Platform

Deliver the best experience for your audience by providing transparent choices – so they can support the content they love.
Setup multiple campaigns to target ad-blocker users. Track your ad-blocker users’ behavior, and measure your return-on-investment in real time.


Blocker Fingerprinting

AdSorcery can identify the ad blocker in use and recommend specific unblocking instructions – dramatically increase whitelisting rates.
Our patent-pending technology is the only one that can fingerprint over 20 different ad blockers, both on desktop and mobile devices.

Powerful Anti-blocking Technology

AdSorcery defeats ad blockers through signature polymorphism, link transforming and native tunneling. Publishers no longer have to worry about ad blocking, on desktops or the mobile web.
Since we can bypass the majority of ad blockers on the market, publishers can offer an ad-light experience to ad-blocker users without getting blocked.

Stop Bad Ads

Monitor and rid your site of malvertising, scams or any inappropriate ads — the #1 reason people use ad blockers.
AdSorcery can monitor ads on your site, generate complaints and send them to the responsible demand partners. Your visitors can also click on “Ad feedback” button to report obnoxious ads.

Optimization Using Machine Learning

AdSorcery’s machine-learning models enable publishers to target responses to each visitor based on visitor behavior, value and contribution.
For example, if an ad-blocker user is likely to contribute content or share articles on social media, that user might get a pass.


Powerful Analytics

Real-time results available through our publisher dashboards enable you to take action quickly. This lets you know exactly which monetizing strategy is most effective for your audience.

Optimized for desktop and mobile web

An example anti-blocking technology
— signature polymorphism

The AdSorcery Platform defeats advertisement-abuse software through signature polymorphism, link transforming and native tunneling. Publishers no longer have to worry about ad blocking, on desktops or the mobile web. AdSorcery uses multiple polymorphisms to disable the mechanism that many ad blockers rely on.

Here’s one simple example of the ad code protected by AdSorcery:


Turning Ad-blocker Users into Supporters

SOURCE: Cohort study of over 10,000 ad-blocker users on AdSorcery platform

Turn off ad blockers
pay for content
Watch alternative advertisements

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